Oki Ainu Dub Band (Japan) with Systa BB

Ancient Tonkori mastery and revivalism

Featuring Tonkori, the traditional stringed instrument of the Karafuto Ainu, with drums, bass, keyboard and heavy dub sounds, the Oki Ainu Dub Band fuses Reggae, African and Electronica with Ainu folk melodies – a style and sound that has won praise around the world.

When Oki Ainu was presented with his first Tonkori there were practically no traditional players although the instrument was regularly displayed in museums. Oki devoted himself to Tonkori and soon began making his own. In 1996 he released his first album and shortly after established Chikar Studio, which promotes the music of Ainu artists to the world.

Systa BB who – for 22 years – has broadcasted, written, and DJed music that binds us will open the night with selections that light up the dance floor.