My Bubba


With Audrey Powne (free in the Festival Hub bar).

My Larsdotter and Guðbjörg (aka Bubba) Tomasdottir come together as the beautiful Scandinavian indie folk duo My Bubba. Together they make soft and soulful music that is as playful as it is powerful. The special combination of their wayfaring souls has taken their warm harmonies, carried on Norwegian Cittra (lap harp), guitar and banjo, across the seven seas to record and perform. They have toured with Damien Rice, co-written with Matthew E. White, recorded with Noah Georgeson, stepped on Bryan Adams’ toes, literally, and most recently worked with Jack White, who produced their impressive latest single, the spare and rumbling Gone.

Audrey Powne, one half of Au Dré and resident member of umpteen other acts familiar to Melbourne music lovers, including The Do Yo Thangs, will be bringing her veracious vocals and piano prowess to the Festival Hub bar with free performances before both shows.

"My bubba is two young women [...] who sound like their generation's Simon and Garfunkel. With just a guitar and vocals, they are mesmerizing in their softer-than-soft, lilting songs […]. Their music or delivery did not change whether the audience was made up of 20 or 500 people. And the audiences' reaction - hushed silence - never changed."
Amos Perrine, No Depression