Dereb The Ambassador (Ethiopia/Australia) with The Black Jesus Experience

Shoulder shaking addictive rhythms

Born in Ethiopia, Dereb Desalegn aka Dereb the Ambassador grew up surrounded by a family of musicians, immersed in his home country’s rich melange of sounds, rhythms and musical styles. Now calling Australia home, his mind- blowing vocal talents and addictive brand of Ethio-soul, enthrals a growing fan base that know there’s more to life than three-chord guitar rock.

Dereb and his band of virtuoso musicians breathe a kaleidoscope of texture into the possibilities for music in Australia – with the classic jazz-fusion sounds of 60s–70s Ethiopia, shoulder-shakingly rhythmical incarnations of traditional Ethiopian tunes, and a swagful of spicy, hypnotic originals.

The Black Jesus Experience will kick the night off with their irresistible blend of traditional Ethiopian song and 21st Century grooves.