Daymé Arocena


With DJ Emma Peel.

Singer, composer and choir leader Daymé Arocena is a shining star who has turned heads from a young age. Born into the lively intertwining musical legacies of her native Cuba, she approaches jazz, soul and classical with an innate sense of rhythm. The reception to her music spurred a whirlwind of opportunities and supporters and her much-lauded second album, Cubafonía, gave her free rein to work with her choice of Cuba’s best musicians. Supported by Havana Cultura and catapulted onto the world stage, two years of touring has seen her look even further outwards, collecting broader influences that add to the rich hybrid she brings to her musical milieu.

On the night, popular local PBS 106.7FM presenter DJ Emma Peel (Switched On) will be setting the mood with a vinyl safari taking the audience on a journey of sounds from around the world.

“Still in her mid-20s, Daymé Arocena is Cuba’s finest young female singer, a lady with a powerful, versatile style and enormous crossover potential.”
The Guardian