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Cumbia Massive – BMF Closing Party


Brunswick Town Hall

Sunday, 20th March @ 7:00PM

$20 + BF

Cumbia Cosmonauts, Los Kumbia Killers, La Descarga, DJ Sonidero Esperanza and Saca La Mois DJ

Cumbia Massive is a Melbourne collective dedicated to celebrating the tropical music of Latin America and the Caribbean in the style of the sound system parties that erupt on the streets of the Mexican ‘barrios.


This year Cumbia Massive team up with BMF to bring you the most explosive local talent in tropical music to close the 2016 festival. Featuring Cumbia Cosmonauts, Melbourne outfit with a cult following internationally for their futuristic take on Cumbia; Los Kumbia Killers, raw groove of Colombia with a rude-boy edge, and La Descarga, Melbourne’s number one Colombian folklore ensemble bringing the original spirit of this mythical rhythm alive in an interactive, roaming live show. Topped off with two of Melbourne’s biggest tropical DJs: Saca La Mois DJ!! and Sonidero Esperanza, join us in closing the Brunswick Music Festival in Caribbean style!

With supporting act...

Cumbia Cosmonauts


CUMBIA COSMONAUTS are an electronic dancefloor act based in Melbourne, and have completed several successful tours of Europe, as well as New Zealand and Mexico. The music is produced by the duo Moses Iten (a.k.a. Saca La Mois DJ!!) and Thomas “Soup” Campbell, and is a combination of the infectious Caribbean cumbia rhythm with warm dub bass lines, sweeping synthesizers and driving beats. Cumbia Cosmonauts live is an explosive experience and features a host of guest performers, characteristic Mexican style MCing, digital percussion and improvised solos.

Los Kumbia Killers


LOS KUMBIA KILLERS, led by accordionist Carlos Parraga (Barons of Tang /Cumbia Cosmonauts) play popular Caribbean, Colombian music from the 70s and 80s with a rude boy edge. After his musical pilgrimage to the north coast of Colombia, Carlos decided to get together a crew of fellow South American musicians to help him perform the songs that he learnt while training with the Acordeon masters on the coast. The Kumbia Killers bring a party mix of classic Cumbias, Vallenatos and Porros as well as a few rarities, this four piece Colombian dance floor experience is ready to help you shake your butt off!

La Descarga


LA DESCARGA de percussion, gaitas, voices and dance was born in 2009 and is a tribute to music from heart and soul, mixture of Afro-Colombia with an Australian touch. It’s about mestizaje, the blending of cultures. Bringing people together to dance, sing and celebrate. Inspired in folkloric music with original lyrics and grooves.


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